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Made For Health - Made For Flavor

Made For Dogs Everywhere

Vermont Gourmet Dog Treats is a Vermont based business that has developed a wide variety of human grade, high quality dog treats. Made from wholesome ORGANIC Ingredients, our treats are CrAzY flavorful, dogs go NUTS for them & they are 100% HEALTHY! We chose ingredients that are beneficial for promoting healthy skin, coat, eyes, immune system & overall function.

Dogs with allergies? Our treats contain
NO Wheat, NO Soy, NO Corn & NO Dairy!!!

Our large varieties contain Fresh Organic Ingredients like:

  • Oatmeal - Keeps skin & coat shiny and healthy
  • Honey - Known for its healing qualities & strengthening the immune system
  • Blueberries - OH MY what these little berries can do...blueberries aid in better memory & brain function, lower cholesterol, better cardiovascular health, better vision, aid in a healthier digestive system, boost the immune system...we could go on and on...
  • Fresh milled flax seed & cold pressed flax seed oil - An excellent source of Alpha Linoleic acid, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid critical for your pets skin, coat & eye health. These types of Omega-3’s may prevent dry itchy skin, hot spots & may reduce or stop the need for cortisone shots or steroids in dogs suffering from allergies. Also excellent for sight & energy.
  • Apples - You know what they say "An Apple a day keeps the vet away";apples may help prevent many types of cancers & may also help promote bone protection.
  • Peanuts & Peanut butter - Peanut as most of us do not know came from a legume family (and not in the nut family) just like a bean or pea. High in Protein, which a dog can never get enough of.
  • Maple Syrup - Maple Syrup is a pure organic food. Most people think of Maple Syrup as a fabulous tasting, sugary topping for just about anything. What they don't know is that it has been called the "fit sugar" because it is rich in Manganese, Zinc & Natural Antioxidants that are good for you immune system, male reproductive system and protects against heart damage. Also Maple Syrup is three times as sweet as cane sugar but contains much fewer calories!!! Vermont Gourmet Dog Treats only uses 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup!!


Vermont Dog Products
Vermont Dog Products

20% of annual proceeds of this bone will go to The Rutland County Humane Society! MORE


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